Caitlin Fisch
Executive Leader

Caitlin Eisner Fisch is a Jewish homeschooling mom of four living in the Bay Area by way of Miami, Jerusalem, and the Bronx. She works on her Young Living business five minutes at a time, and also enjoys working as a freelance writer. Caitlin appreciates the way Young Living offers her a host of tools for caring for her family, and loves to share these wonderful tools with others!

INSTAGRAM:  @thejoyofcaitlin.oils


LOCATION: Mountain View, CA


FAVORITE Young living product: Cool Azul Pain Relief Cream tied with Thieves Laundry Detergent

BIG PICTURE GOAL: To celebrate my son's Bar Mitzvah (reading from the Torah on his 13th birthday) with friends and family in Jerusalem in 2021, and down the road to open a retreat center somewhere beautiful with my educator husband.