A Community I Didn't Expect


When I got started with Young Living, I was in it for two reasons: oils and potential income. I never knew I would receive the most beautiful community of friends with it! I tell you what, these people have been the absolute biggest blessing! Though most of us don’t live close by, we talk daily (even more that I talk to my best friends at home). We get to travel together, earn free trips together, celebrate milestones together, and best of all, DREAM TOGETHER!! If it weren’t for these friends I’ve made through Young Living, I don’t know that I would have stuck it out.


When you decide to purchase a starter kit of oils, you will gain a slew of friends with it! For those of us who crave community on the daily, this is for you. I say all the time that my favorite part about this gig is the people! And I am 100% telling the truth! More than the money. More than the products. More than the free trips. The people are EVERYTHING!