A Community I Didn't Expect


When I got started with Young Living, I was in it for two reasons: oils and potential income. I never knew I would receive the most beautiful community of friends with it! I tell you what, these people have been the absolute biggest blessing! Though most of us don’t live close by, we talk daily (even more that I talk to my best friends at home). We get to travel together, earn free trips together, celebrate milestones together, and best of all, DREAM TOGETHER!! If it weren’t for these friends I’ve made through Young Living, I don’t know that I would have stuck it out.


When you decide to purchase a starter kit of oils, you will gain a slew of friends with it! For those of us who crave community on the daily, this is for you. I say all the time that my favorite part about this gig is the people! And I am 100% telling the truth! More than the money. More than the products. More than the free trips. The people are EVERYTHING!

How I Use All the Oils in Our Starter Kit

Our Premium Starter Kit is a STEAL with 12 oils + your choice of diffuser AND lots of other goodies in the bottom of the box! Here are the ways I use all of these oils. There is not ONE that I don’t use daily.


PEACE & CALMING - Diffuse every night at bedtime

PANAWAY - Massage on muscles after my workout

Roll on face every night before moisturizer

RAVEN - Mix with a little coconut oil and rub on chest to breathe easy

Apply to back of neck to help with head tension

Put a couple drops in water and drink each day for immune support

2 drops in my water for an extra boost

3 drops in an empty capsule with grapeseed oil and take internally for stomach support

LAVENDER - Apply to skin to calm redness and apply one drop to pillow at bedtime

Apply to my wrists daily and breath in deep

Use to remove sticky residue from surfaces

Diffuse daily with Peppermint

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iTovi Scanner: How Does it Work?

If you follow me at all, you will know that I am pretty obsessed with my iTovi scanner. It's a tool the size of a fun-sized candy bar, and it will tell me what essential oils my body is needing in any given moment. Pretty cool, huh? The question I get asked the most is, "How does it work?" I'm here to explain in much detail how the heck this tiny machine gives such accurate information.

unnamed (1).jpg

The technology this small device uses is called BIOIMPEDENCE, which measures body composition through it's resistance to electrical frequencies. The iTovi scanner also uses a pressure sensor, temperature, and Bluetooth to provide accurate readings to users. You can find out all of the details on the iTOVi technology page. Having measured all the frequencies in every essential oil and supplement of the top essential oil companies out there, the iTovi scanner then measures the frequencies in the user's body, During each scan, electrical currents are sent through the body to pull these measurements.

unnamed (5).jpg

As the body reacts to the electrical current, the iTovi measures the reactions, and creates a report after running several algorithms. The result is a custom report of oils and supplements suggested to set your body's frequencies back the an optimal state. 

unnamed (2).jpg

You can scan 2-4 times per week. Now that you know how the iTOVi scanner works, are you interested in getting your own iTOVi? I’ve got just the information for you:

iTOVi Tracker: $9.99
iTOVi Access: $39.99 / month

iTOVi Tracker: $799.99
iTOVi Access: Lifetime

Click here to get started TODAY!

My Why

My WHY for deciding to pursuing Young Living Essential Oils as a business is freedom! Freedom from debt. Freedom to set my own schedule. Freedom to travel. Freedom to adopt if I so choose. The list could go on for miles! I never want to stop dreaming big, because I don't want to think "what could have been?" What's your DREAM?

Jeremiah 29:11 // For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future."




Community is not something I thought I would find when I began using essential oils. I LOVE the health benefits of Young Livings products, and the fact that my anxiety has been reduced 100 fold in the past year! But goodness, the encouragement of the people I am surrounded by in this business is my absolute FAVORITE PART!

This photo is from Convention in August 2015. Most all of us had just met online, and meeting and brainstorming in person was the icing on the cake! I cannot wait to be with these wonderful women again soon!

I absolutely believe that our Young Living Team is the best, and I am certain I would be saying this if I was on another one...Really, I would!

I love and admire everyone in this photo and those not able to make it! :: Kristen, Casey, Courtney, Lesley, Rebecca, Erin, Wendy, Ashley x 2, Kristina, Katie, Eryn, Amanda, and Kristan.


Pumpkin Spice Latte with Cinnamon Bark Essential Oil

I am not one to order fancy drinks at the coffee shop for two reasons:

1) they break the bank

2) they are loaded with sugar

Therefore, I've found this super simple and ridiculously tasty homemade pumpkin spice latte recipe! I've added essential oils, of course. Hold on to your hats!


2 cups milk (I use almond milk)

4 T. organic pumpkin puree

2 T. sugar (I use truvia baking blend)

1/2 t. pumpkin pie spice

1/2 t. vanilla extract

1/2 cup strong coffee or espresso

1 drop cinnamon bark essential oil

Combine all ingredients except the coffee and essential oil into a microwave safe bowl, mix together, cover, and heat on high for 1.5 minutes. If it seems to need more time, add 30 seconds. When the mixture is steaming hot, take out of microwave and mix vigorously for 30 seconds until frothy. Add 1 drop of the essential oil to the brewed coffee and stir. Divide the coffee in to two mugs and pour 1 cup of the milk mixture into each mug. Sprinkle with a bit more pumpkin pie spice, then relax and enjoy this better-than-store-bought fall drink!



The past two weeks I joined 10 other women all in this same business to take an introspective look at ourselves and seek truth and wisdom from each other to better reach the top - or the SUMMIT. A summit by definition is the highest point of a hill or mountain. What do you see when you envision a summit? Beautiful views, yes?

I have never considered myself a leader, but leadership skills can be learned and practiced. Having begun building this business in essential oils just over a year ago, I have gained much confidence through hosting classes and events, answering tough questions, and leading (did I say "lead?") a team of 70 others (an growing)! The most important takeaway from SUMMIT for me was that we should all play to our strengths and not try to build on our weaknesses. Yes, it's important to grow in certain areas, but it you excel in one facet of life, why not use that to your advantage in business?

Here's the deal: I am an extremely relational person and an extrovert to the core! I go places alone, I can strike up a conversation with a complete stranger, and I love parties. My day job is in event planning for pete's sake! Since network marketing is a relationship business, I need to focus on relationships! This means many coffee dates, hosting classes, calling my team members to see how life is going, and so on. As much as I wish (and pretend) I was a graphic designer, I am not. So I am not going to waste my time in this "weaker" area and try to make a pretty image that I'll just delete. I'll leave that up to my friends and teammates who excel in graphics, and use theirs. And then they will use my hosting abilities. See how this works? 

I love how a symphony sounds when all the instruments are playing their parts. But if one is missing, it's just not as beautiful. That's how it goes with human skills and abilities. We all play a role in this world. Let's sharpen our extraordinary talents by synching in harmony with one another. And we will get to the SUMMIT much easier and sooner.